Kotex (can't believe I am saying this) soaks up an award for brilliance!

Advertising on TV has become insanely difficult with the advent of TIVO, DVR, etc.. as consumers are just breezing through the commercials to get to the next segment of “Real Housewives” or whatever else they may be watching. Agencies are now working harder than ever to make their clients ads better and funnier. We have to make sure we STOP consumers from the dreaded “fast forward” that we all love so much. This simple “break the cycle” campaign is SO obvious that I am frankly amazed no one thought of it before. JWT (the Kotex creative agency) gets props for finally delivering to women and consumers everywhere the obvious…tampon commercials are totally ridiculous! I am posting two cohesive campaigns…the first being my absolute favorite. Enjoy and let’s applaud this level of creative in advertising. Which is your favorite?

UbyKotex: So Obnoxious

UbyKotex: Reality Check (P.S. The irony here is that they actually use a shot of butterflies from one of their other commercials….I guess they are making fun of themselves!)