Sustainable Living From Facebook CEO: Zuck Only Eats What He Kills

The 27-year-old founder of Facebook and youngest billionaire in Silicon Valley, Mark Zuckerberg sets a goal for self-improvement every year. Last year he committed to learn Mandarin Chinese. This year? He decided to only eat meat from an animal that he has killed himself.

This announcement, which he appropriately made on his Facebook page, led to mixed feelings from the community. Some were disgusted with he post that read, “I just killed a pig and a goat” while other were very supportive of his decision. Zuckerberg later responded to his 847 friend’s comments with this explanation:

“Every year I have a yearly personal challenge. It’s a good way to explore different things I wouldn’t normally do and challenge myself. Towards the end of last year I reflected a bunch of how thankful I was that we were building so many good things and things have gone well so far and I decided to make this year’s challenge around being more thankful for what I have. I struggled for a while about how to implement this, but eventually decided that forcing myself to get personally involved and thank the animals whose lives I take in order to eat them was the best day-to-day way to remind myself to be thankful. So every day when I can’t eat meat I am reminded of why not and how lucky I am, and when I do get the chance to eat meat it’s especially good. This challenge also has the benefit of making me generally healthier, and I’m also learning a lot about sustainable living.”

As reported by Fortune, many of Zuckerberg’s fans were impressed with this statement, one of them even saying “he found a way to feel really grateful for something as simple as his food again.” Not to mention, Zuckerberg has put himself on an organic, sustainable diet, free of hormones or antibiotics that can be found in meat from conventional farms, leading to a much healthier lifestyle.

What do you think about the Facebook founder’s decision to eat only animals that he himself has slaughtered? He certainly knows where his food comes from. Not everyone can say that…

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