by Jonathan Marshall

This video came out a year ago, but we missed it, so we’re bringing it back. It’s a fake TV spot done by British animatronics master John Nolan (the man who worked on Where the Wild Things Are, among other films).

It shows a mouse having a predictably nasty run-in with a trap – but that’s just the beginning of the story. It’s worth pushing through to the end, even for the squeamish. Nolan used a live mouse for the opening shots and animatronics for the rest.

Even though this commercial never made it to production, it turned into an extremely popular viral video. With almost 1,000,000 views, the creative agency that re-purposed the Nolan’s Cheese video into their social media strategy would consider this a viral success. The YouTube sensation spread quickly through 1000s of social media outlets, and most Social Media professionals would say this fake spot just goes to show – sometimes a questionable/risky TV spot can become a successful viral video…