On the Sixth Day of Creative: Thorsnes Litigation Services

As told by Brand Director, Sean Connacher…

On the Sixth Day of Creative, I’m hedging my bets on sharing the latest creative/strategic/business-driving work we are developing for our friends at Thorsnes Litigation Services.

This company has built a strong reputation delivering end-to-end litigation solutions to its end clients — everything from depositions to e-discovery to trial support (presentations/graphics/etc). We are currently working with them to strengthen their brand so that it represents the true value they provide to clients, and overhauling their website so that it is more intuitive and drives users to convert. As partners we’ve mutually identified and agreed upon a handful of exciting new opportunities, all of which are still ‘in the oven.’

Photos? No can do! We’re on an NDA basis and the last thing I’m going to do is give our friends — who happen to be in the litigation business — a reason to be litigious.

Happy Holidays Jim, Erik, Emily and Julie!