Set the Scene For The Nerd in Your Life This Valentine's Day

Today is the day – the “most romantic day of the year.” While many fawn over long stemmed red roses, chocolate candy hearts and smooth sexy jams set against a dim, candlelight background, others prefer something… a bit different. Here’s a quick guide to making Valentine’s Day memorable for the nerdy guy or gal in your life.

From our nerdy hearts to yours,
Happy Valentine’s Day

1. Start the evening off right with this card.


2. Then set the mood with this. Best results come from lip syncing the following lyrics:

Need a special girl to share in my computer world. I no longer need a strategy – thanks to modern technology.

3. Light a few candles with this…and then upload the memories later.



4. Give her this to show your love will never die – and neither will this 8 bit rose.


5. Then make sure this jam is up next… preferably while wearing a patriotic onesie as seen in the video.

6. Who needs sweet nothings when you can whisper #nofilter in her ear. Then give her this personalized iPhone case with #cute pics of your #instalove.


7. Later, enjoy a nightcap in this pixelated heart mug that turns red as the heat rises…

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 4.12.01 PM

8. Then put this on to steer the direction of the evening.


And that’s where our job comes to an end. Best of luck to all this Valentine’s Day. Nerd on and prosper!