So You Want an iPhone…

By Nicole Fletcher

…And so do I, but there some things you might not know about this long awaited miracle day in the cellular telephone world and so here I am to break it down for you.

Verizon Wireless announced recently that they would be getting the iPhone FINALLY after years of exclusivity with AT&T. It will be available for order to current customers on Feb 3 and released to the public on Feb 10. Aesthetics of the phones are virtually identical across service providers BUT there are a few fundamental differences the networks aren’t broadcasting as much as they should. For one, Verizon’s network lacks the ability to multi-task like the AT&T iphone in that while you’re on a call, don’t expect to be able to browse the web. You head me right folks, while your call may remain in tact (unlike the shotty AT&T service), you will not be able to search for the nearest sushi joint, look up reviews and make a reservation as the old commercial suggests. If you already have an iPhone and are sick and tired of not being able to to use it as a phone but have grown accustomed to this feature, it might be a tough switch.

These negatives being said, Verizon just announced a $30 unlimited data plan while AT&T offers 2GB of data for $25/mo. Further, AT&T customers still need to pay $20/mo for tethering (when the iPhone can be used as a wireless modem for a computer) while Verizon iPhones can act as a hub for up to 5 phones (pricing is still TBD).

Personally, I want an iPhone but worry about the Verizon Network’s ability to handle the traffic. Will they encounter the same problems as AT&T with the addition of this wondrous smart phone? If a phone can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, is it really a smart phone? As much as I want it STAT, I might be inclined to wait out the bugs that come with Feb 10. Also, there are rumors circulating regarding 4G’s launch for iPhone this summer and that’s certainly a silver lining on the tech horizon.

In closing here’s a few fun stats for you:
-Over 50% of US citizens will have a smart phone by 2011.
-91% of the US is mobile.
-38 is the median age of a texter.
-By 2013, mobile traffic will surpass online web surfing.

We’re heading in the mobile direction. Are you coming with?