Sony 3-D TV SPOT Falls “Flat”

In a television commercial spot titled Sony “2-D,” Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake make another appearance to tout Sony’s prowess in the consumer electronics market. This time, instead of standing before a faux-press conference, the pair are led into Sony’s 3-D television department. Donning Sony’s 3-D glasses, the duo are given a brief run-down on the newest happenings at Sony HQ.

The commercial spot showcases Sony’s development of 3-D technology across a wide range of platforms; movies, Playstation 3 graphics and sports games are all impressively displayed. However, after the “spokesduo” makes their observations, the beautiful Sony HQ tour guide finishes with, “After this, nothing else looks as good.” Manning and Timberlake remove their glasses before the tour guide has a chance to stop them, and at that instant, everything (including Peyton and Justin) in the Sony 3-D HQ turns into 2 dimensional cut-outs that collapse onto the floor only to become 3-D again after returning the glasses to their useful position.

In an industry where success is granted to those who are pushing the creative and technological envelope, Sony’s concept behind the roll out and introduction of their new multi-dimensional integration falls, for lack of a better word, quite flat. Aside from under-utilizing two of the most talented men in their respective fields, Sony has managed to make the most entertaining male guest to grace Saturday Night Live in years (don’t believe me? Look HERE) boring. Then, there’s Peyton, the only football player who can speak let alone act well on screen, who has been forgotten entirely for his hilarious casual banter from the Mastercard TV spots and from previous Sony spots to have been cast silent. For this powerful “spokesduo” to be effective, the writers at 180 LA will have let their stars speak as they have done before; comically and successfully.

Where do you see 3-D entertainment heading in the future and how do you advertise most effectively among such a competitive market?