Sun Newspaper: The UK's Best Handheld

by Jonathan Marshall

The Sun Newspaper decided to go with a very unique twist on Apple’s commercials in their latest advertising campaign. In one of their viral videos, they basically used Apple’s personality and recognizable brand traits for the foundation of their video, and then inserted their appropriate content. They used a similar background music, the same basic format, a similar concept (explaining how to use the device), and then began bashing Apple by describing the advantages of using the magazine over the IPHONE.

Thumbs up to their creative agency that came up with this concept. It’s funny because I, like many people nowadays, get all of my information online. I realize this is somewhat generational, but it seems like I hardly ever see people read through all thte way through a newspaper anymore, our attention spans suck. And the idea of doing so seems more and more foreign these days.

As ridiculous and equally frightening as the premise of this commercial may seem — people really do have to re-educate themselves on how to consume their information through more traditional forms of media like the newspaper or print magazines. Just goes to show how Apple has contributed to that shift of social interaction with their innovative products, clever campaigns and solid brand strategies.