T-Shirt Tuesday at Jacob Tyler

by Jake Brenner

This past Tuesday marked Jacob Tyler’s first EVER T-Shirt Tuesday. Why, you ask? Because we could (and Jacquie told us we had to). Our team showed up in their best t-shirts from around the world. Ok, maybe not really the world…but we had a few solid standouts:

Jacob Tyler President Charlie Van Vechten, went right past “Go” and collected his two-hundred big ones; showing up in an “I Make It Rain” Monopoly guy tee (see below). While he didn’t actually make it rain he knew he was sending an inspiring message to the rest of the team – thanks Charlie, we got it.

Mackenzie Fanfelle expressed her humanitarian side by wearing the latest in (RED) fashion. The simple “INSPI(RED)” message reminds us that there are other great organizations helping Africa besides the one led by that “dehydrated” naked man we’ve all been hearing about. Way to go Mackenzie, we can’t wait for FANFELLE 2012!

It’s safe to say T-shirt Tuesday was a success and we look forward to the next one. We’re Jacob Tyler Creative Group and this is how we do it.

JTCG T-Shirt Tuesday