Technology Connecting You to Kids in Need

By Nicole G.

They say the most valuable asset a volunteer can give is their time. Yet in most cases, time is the hardest thing to give. Everyday our lives are moving faster than ever. With the holidays approaching, allotting time between work, friends, family, errands and responsibilities is hard. That’s why Infinite Family has paired technology with charity to make giving back easy.

Infinite Family founder, Amy Stokes, witnessed the devastation caused by HIV and AIDS, while adopting her son in Africa. Realizing how many African children were orphaned and sent off to live without plans their future, she decided to make a change.

As a working mother herself, she realized that many people want to help but just don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to traveling abroad. Infinite Family is an online mentoring service that connects volunteers in foreign countries to at-risk youth in Africa. By participating in the program, these children not only receive much needed mentoring and an adult role model, but also gain essential job seeking computer skills for later in life.

Infinite Family gives these kids hope and guidance.  Volunteers are asked to dedicate only 30 minutes of their time, once a week to chat with their chosen child. Technology is changing the way we see and connect with the world. In this one way, it had definitely done so for the better.

For more information about Infinite Family or to learn about becoming a mentor please visit them online at