The Annual and Always Awesome Jacob Tyler Retreat


A few Friday’s ago the entire Jacob Tyler team met at the top floor of Symphony Towers, at San Diego’s University Club for our annual agency retreat.

As we grow and evolve, we want to ensure our commitment to client service remains front and center. A client of ours, New Brain for Business led a rousing workshop focusing on how we can make sure the crux of what we do falls in line with this goal. We want you, our clients, to feel an unparalleled level of customer service, in addition to experiencing our pristine suite of creative and communications services, 100% of the time.


Some of you may remember the personality testing that was common in the workplace in the the 1970’s. Then, it was intended more for weeding out who employers might consider “problem employees.” Interestingly enough, in terms of accuracy and what perspective it can offer business owners, corporate personality testing is on a different plane today. Each employee took a personal evaluation, allowing us to see our agency’s unique personality prototype, based on the collective results. What a shocker- we had an overwhelming number of creative, left-handed, right-brained oriented professionals!


We each brainstormed in small groups and focused on what we want Jacob Tyler to be in the years to come. Each group agreed that customer service and client relationships are without a doubt, the most important objective. Armed with all of this information, we have returned to our work bonded as a team, and more committed than ever to make sure we make you happy.

And then… we went to happy hour 🙂