The Client/Agency Relationship Explained…

by Jonathan Marshall

Even in today’s fast-paced and always-changing world of advertising, marketing and web design, there is still an old-fashioned and sometimes equally frustrating concept that will never vanish – people communicating with people.

The client/agency relationship is a constant back-and-forth struggle that requires equal effort from both sides. There are many issues that surface in the client/agency relationship. Many advertising agencies don’t trust their clients and vice versa. Agencies (and their creatives) are always angling for ways to do high-visibility, self-serving, award-winning work to get the attention of the ad industry. Clients always try to get the most out of their agency for as little money as possible.

This funny video is clearly an exaggerated version of the day-to-day client/agency relationship and is meant to entertain. Jacob Tyler loves and appreciates all of our clients and in no way would ever have a conversation (with or about them) that even closely resembles this skit or sense of humor. That being said – don’t piss us off, or we won’t want to drink with you anymore.