The Daily Sport… For Men who have lost their Manly Way

by Jonathan Marshall

Earmuffs and blindfolds for easily-offended viewers, today’s post contains explicit material… so now you are warned. Today the Jacob Tyler blog features another great viral video brought to us by the Daily Sport, targeting males between the ages of 18 – 34. What more could a man want? Tits, sport and funny shit. The Daily Sport has tried to find a niche by giving little attention to political news or world current events. Instead, its news coverage indulges more in yellow journalism- with stories generally emphasizing celebrities, nudity, bad behavior and toilet humor. Basically a British descendant of Mad, the classic American comic magazine.

The video claims that men have lost their way between yoga, drinking tea, moisturizing, and being considerate in bed. While this 40-second video may not impress some, it will no doubt get passed along in emails, blogged and re-blogged, most likely viewed over 100,000 of times on YouTube, and ultimately drive more traffic to their website.

Even though the video is of better quality than most user-generated content, it is short, to the point and still comes off as a last minute, and relatively low-budget home-made project. While it may sound strange, sometimes an interactive video doesn’t get the same attention from users because it is too well done. It doesn’t have that amateur, raw and unedited content that the majority of viewers can easily relate to. The copy and some of the images are similar to user-generated content as opposed to something an advertising agency or a professional would produce- and that works in this case.