The Doghouse.

by Jonathan Marshall

Dual-bag vacuum cleaners, gym memberships and mustache waxers… all thoughtless gifts given by boyfriends and husbands to their girlfriends and wives during the holidays that ultimately put them in the Doghouse.

With holiday season right around the corner, JCPenney assures that a diamond is a classic, affordable gift that will not only keep men out of the dreaded Doghouse, but will also melt her heart and have her screaming and jumping for joy. JCPenney’s diamonds are essentially “get out of the doghouse free cards.

So the “Doghouse concept” works because it is a very familiar and unfortunately realistic situation to both men and women everywhere. Most of the time, men are notoriously bad and ultimately uninterested when it comes to shopping for gifts that send the right message. Advertising Agency Saatchi & Saatchi New York uses this comical gift-giving generality (alliteration aside) as the foundation of their entire advertising campaign. They center their holiday ads around this universal occurence, and offer some of their clients’ products as the answer to the entire problem. Because when it comes to the ladies – diamonds are usually a pretty full-proof plan. So there you go fellas, now you know… Stay out of the doghouse this year!!