The Mud Men Cometh.

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 5.05.56 PM

By Jacquie Benini

Ahh, it’s almost upon us, Camp Pendleton’s World Famous Mud Run! I am both excited and a bit apprehensive to be participating in it again this year. Even though I successfully crawled my way through the mud tunnels and climbed over the mud walls last year in 1:47, which for a girl who doesn’t run, is pretty impressive if I do say so myself, I was definitely more prepared both mentally and physically then.

This time around though, I’m a bit panicked at the thought of having recruited fellow JT team members to run with me this year. I’ve been boasting about how awesome the experience was and making sure everyone knows that my goal is to beat my personal record. Hmm… seems like I need to squeeze in a gym session every night after work and over the weekend to ensure my victory next Sunday. After all, I am the oldest one is the group – I need to represent!

This Mud Run is something that, as an avid adventure lover, I truly enjoy running. As I trudge up the steep incline at mile 3 and then fly down the hill into the first mud pit and over the wall with the adrenaline rushing through me, I absolutely love how accomplished I feel after I master each one.

That settles it, NOW I am determined, time to put my game face on and play in the mud!

After all, this shall be a cake-walk in comparison to the Super Spartan Race I am challenging myself to run in January!!! Wish the Mud Men of Jacob Tyler luck this coming weekend – you bet there will be pictures next week.