The Real James Brown

by Matt Marschinke

Months ago, in a way to raise student awareness surrounding the 2012 presidential election, we strategized and campaigned a design competition we called Vote by Design.

We targeted design students from schools all over the world hoping that just one had what it took. We campaigned mainly through our social media marketing channels but also targeted local colleges with clever posters we designed in house. Our incentive was simple: win our contest to receive a paid summer internship at our San Diego office and a cash prize. Needless to say, word spread quickly.

We received over 100 submissions from incredibly talented students from all over the world. Their attention to detail and creativity was astounding and most entries looked like they were designed by the pros themselves.

In the beginning phase of this campaign our team devoted many hours to the project, which caused many to wonder if we’d bitten off more than we could chew. After all, we were to award the contest winner, whoever it may be, a summer internship at our office. As many of you know, a creative web design team maintains a delicate environment and work process. Simply adding another team member, untested and unproven, has the potential to disrupt efficiency and cause mayhem.

After all was said and done and our winner had been crowned, we couldn’t have been happier with our new addition to the team.

James Brown & JT Leadership

His name is James Brown (immediately we knew we’d struck gold). His support and commitment was an instant help to our team. When he finished one task, he’d tirelessly search for ways to weave in his range of talents on others. He was genuinely always happy to help and for that, we loved him.

Ultimately, his tenure with us was too brief. Just as we were getting to depend on him as an intricate part of the team, summer came to an end and he needed to return to school.

This will be his final year at the College of St. Rose and we’ve already made arrangements with James to return after he graduates next year.  Thank you James, we already miss you!