Top 5 Advertising #FAILs of 2012

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising hoping to spark public interest and increase brand recognition. From the countless marketing campaigns there’s bound to be a few fau pauxs, a few missteps, a few absolute #FAILs. 2012 did not disappoint providing plenty of reasons to facepalm and shake our heads in disbelief. Whether it be bad taste, lack of forethought, or blatant ignorance, these campaigns top our list for best advertising #FAILs of 2012.

Despite the cliché, not all news is good news.

Here is a compilation of our top 5 favorite advertising #FAILs of 2012.

1. IKEA for men only. IKEA removed all women from it’s Saudia Arabia Catalog.Ikea

2. Reebok – Building healthy bodies and destroying healthy relationships since 1895. Because it’s not what you look like on the inside that counts.


3. Popular eye wear company, Spy, wished it had seen the impending backlash for its horrible SoCal billboard.


4. AMC scolds Americas favorite cookie for encouraging it’s twitter followers to bring Oreos in to the theater.

AMC Oreo

5. Two out of three ain’t bad. It’s not a good sign when your product comes in second to jelly.