The Top Ten Content Management Systems for Your Business

In the digital age, content is king. For many businesses, creating and delivering content to attract customers is now a necessity. Inbound marketing strategies, search engine optimization and content marketing are increasingly replacing traditional marketing efforts in the race to win business. Creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to your target audience can influence customer behavior – and ultimately win more customers for your business.

Content marketing requires volume, and volume requires management. There are many popular and effective Content Management Systems (CMS) available for integration into your website. But which is the best? Well, it depends. If you have six kids, two dogs and a minivan, shopping at Costco is a good idea. But if you’re a bachelor living in a 500 square foot apartment, you probably don’t need a 30-pack of paper towels and a 20-pound tub of butter. The same holds true when you’re shopping for a CMS. What are your priorities? Is security the most important feature? Maybe you’re looking for ease of use, or advanced functionality and customization?

The following article reviews the top 10 Content Management Systems on the market. Chances are, at least one is a good fit for your business.

Top 10 Content Management Systems for 2014