Updating and Refining Your Social Networking Profiles

As we pointed out a couple of times, when it comes to social network marketing, you’re never really done – you’re only working towards the next step. The moment your profiles become static marketing objects is the moment they’re going to stop working for you. That’s an easy concept to remember when you get started, but a hard one to keep in mind when it’s difficult to find 10 minutes to write in your blog, and your to-do list is four pages long.

But, do it you must… at least if you’re ever going to hope to turn your social networking contacts into online and off-line buyers. And remember, the more content you add online, the better you’re going to rank on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which is good for your business all around.

A few things to keep in mind when updating and refining your social networking profiles:

Put real world changes online. If something exciting is happening in your life or career, make sure to spread the word! While you don’t have to release a professionally written public statement, you should inform your contacts if your company is growing, taking on a major new project, or doing something else that would enhance your standing in their eyes. An astounding number of marketers struggle with self-promotion, online and off; but don’t fail to take advantage of one of the most powerful news-spreading tools that has ever existed. The Internet is the perfect place to give yourself a pat on the back – not to mention having a few come back to you.

Fill out your social media content. It’s not uncommon, when filling out so many new profiles all at once, to end up leaving a lot of sections blank. Maybe you don’t have the time or relevant information in hand, or perhaps you’re thinking that some part of your profile might change in the future. That’s fine, but make sure you look over your content once in a while and ask yourself what other people might want to know about you, but can’t find in your existing pages. It’s all about interest and attention – not mystery – so fill clients and colleagues in.

Refine your message. In an earlier post, we advised you to try to find your marketing voice and stick to it. The chances are, however, that that tone is going to change a bit over time. Sometimes, we discover that the things we thought we were good at – or what we were trying to accomplish – changes on the fly. That can be a great thing, but usually only comes after you’ve tried a few different angles and approaches. So make social network marketing a habit, devote a bit of time to each day, and then refine your message so that it brings you the kinds of results and business you’re looking for.