Vampire Weekend meets OK GO

by Les Kollegian

Recently I was reading my December copy of the San Diego Business Journal and stumbled across the executive profile of Dave Brown from Holiday Matinee. As a fellow graphic designer in San Diego with similar experience, I am always interested in checking out my “local” competition and I must say I like his style. I bring this up because I want to mention that I completely agree with him on his assessment of the Vampire Weekend music video “Cousins” (shown below for your viewing pleasure). On the scale of low budget videos with HUGE impact, I have to say this tops the charts. I will say however, there is one video I can think of that MAY have been less expensive to produce and created a huge buzz in the video world would be OK GO’s music video, “Here it Goes Again” (also shown below for your viewing pleasure). I invite you to view and compare.

The bottom line is… these videos, unlike your typical Beyoncé large budget extravaganza are super creative. As well, even though they are very inexpensive to produce, the quality of their creative makes for not only an inspiring and impressive video, but for something that is extremely viral. Viral enough that I decided to re-post a post of a post to show it to you. Hmmm… does that make sense?

Check em out and grab your camera to start filming! These are certainly better than that ridiculously obtuse cat fight video we wasted your time with.