Vine Enters the Android World – Making Statements in the Social Marketing World

The relatively new, popular IOS app, Vine, is coming to Android “soon” for all you Android fanatics. The Vine app sort of duplicates Instagram in a sense that the user interface on both apps look similar – except that Vine allows 6 second motion videos. Cool, right? For those of you who are just getting the hang of the Vine app – start-ups, celebrity artists, and well established companies have gotten a head start to using Vine to their advantage. Shoot, even the White House has posted a Vine! Vine stated that they’ve also submitted an app update to the Apple App Store, that will start allowing users to tag friends in videos as well as the ability to embed videos on any website. As Vine is making moves in terms of enhancing the app, I’m sure there are other moves they can make to make this app even more engaging. It’d be pretty neat to have filters for the app to give these mini video clips a cooler look.

Aside from the app’s features, what could this mean for social campaigns and search engine optimization? As I mentioned earlier – start-ups, celebrities, companies, and brands have been using Vine to engage with their fans and consumers more intimately. With the increasing number of mobile users, this is a huge opportunity for many brands and businesses. C’mon, the White House posted a Vine. *moment of silence” Yep, shout out to the President. This new form of communication and marketing is definitely exciting. It only makes sense to invest and take advantage of this mobile application with all these mobile users on their phones these days. With Vine making it’s way into the Android phone, we can only imagine all the more creativity we’ll be seeing.

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