Wall to Wall

Colossal takes on the morning commute one building at a time


Colossal Media’s aim is not to capture your attention on page 1 of the daily press. Nor is it to crowd the glowing screen of your smartphone. Rather, Colossal is determined to transform every building wall in your city with hand painted works of art.

The company was founded in NYC in 2004 as an ode to old-fashioned, hand-painted advertising that marked city landscapes in the 1920s and 1940s and has grown to 18 cities nationwide resulting in an impressive 300 murals a year.

The greatest feature about the company is that it’s taking an old medium in a new direction, brick by brick, neighborhood by neighborhood. Shying away from the printing press, Colossal embraces the hand drawn and high quality; producing ultra realistic photo quality images with old fashion paint.


This isn’t solely for the mom and pop business or even a novelty act either. Major companies are using colossal for their unique displays. Corporations ranging from HBO to H&M, Microsoft to MTV, Target to… well you get the point.

Every once in awhile it’s necessary to stop and appreciate the hard work and detailed planning that goes into productions of this magnitude. As connoisseurs of creativity who are devoted to design, our agency loves to give credit where credit is due.