Web 3.0 and blogging at 30,000 feet

By Les Kollegian

I know it’s not totally new but I still have to say how incredible it is to be on the internet while flying across the country. I have been working with the internet as a designer, creative director and developer since 1996 and never did I think I would see this day and frankly it wasn’t a day too soon. Sure, I admit I don’t have the forward thinking prowess of Tim Berners-Lee (and if you don’t know who he is, look him up!), but my guess is he probably didn’t see this level of connectivity coming either. I will say however that his vision of a Semantic Web (the concept of machines linking to machines creating transactions and links between people and computers) is certainly moving toward fruition with new Mobile Internet Devices (MID’s) and technology moving so fast that even us industry folk can barely keep up with it.

Okay…so why am I bringing this up (other than I just feel like posting something on our Web site while on a plane)? On the way up, while my electronics were inconveniently turned off, I decided to read an article by Jonathan Minder in the Rady Business Journal called “What is Web 3.0?”. He did a great job of breaking down Web 3.0 and what it means to marketing, cloud computing, mobile, privacy, search, operations impact and more. As well, he mentioned how different people argue alternate visions of what Web 3.0 really is. I figured I might as well throw in my 2 cents, so here goes…

The “new” Web is about open and personalized communication. As I type this blog on my iPad with apps that I just used like flight tracker (very cool) to find my gate, arrival and departure info that is updated in real time. I also checked my email, updated appointments on Google calendar, and check out site metrics for our clients and my company using an app called Analytics HD (also very cool), It is reiterated that this content is dynamic and personally delivered to me. Yes…in this case via a mobile Internet device. Now, this is where I agree very much with Mr. Minder in that many businesses are not placing enough importance and priority on mobile usability and content delivery. Believe it or not, we are still educating our smaller business clients on the importance of a blog and SEO. Businesses and marketers need to deliver relevant content, personalized information and communicate to consumers through minimized and quick interactions.

Here are some quick thoughts for our current and prospective clients on what they should be thinking about as they develop or enhance their online presence.

1. Start making your Websites content mobile accessible: If you are currently using Flash, consider adding javascript/JQuery alternatives to ensure your site can be viewed on any mobile Internet devices. There is simple code that can be installed on any site to recognize the type of browser or device a site is currently being viewed, and then deliver the appropriate content.

2. Make your Website mobile friendly: Believe it or not, applying mobile usability design to your Website will not only help consumers on mobile devices access information and complete transactions quickly, but it will also make your Website more usable as well. Keep in mind that Web 3.0 is about many things but mainly it is about open, simple, and personalized transactions and communication. Keep it simple and eliminate clicks so users can solve tasks quickly and get on with their daily business.

3. Deliver great content: Website owners are always surprised when they aren’t increasing their member retention and repeat visits. Don’t be surprised…just deliver content that will keep people coming back. The 1995 mentality of if you build it they will come is long gone. Content is king and not only for site “stickiness” but also for SEO. Next to link building, it’s the only way to really jump up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

4. Think mobile marketing: 1 to 1 marketing has hit a new level of perfection with the advent of MIDs and the ease of these products use and entry into the market. We can now target individuals in new ways we have not thought imaginable. If you’re not ready to develop specific mobile apps (See my article titled iPhones, Droids, iPads, and Apps:) then at least consider working with mobile social media marketing tools like Foursquare and GoWalla to market your business direct to consumers. Trust me, social media is still in its infancy and will only become more viral and effective in the coming years.

The bottom line with Web 3.0 and its impact on marketing and creating revenue for your business is that we (businesses) now have the opportunity to directly connect with consumers to create successful interactions online. The internet and internet access has come a long way (as shown by this high flying blog) and businesses need to keep up with technology to make the most of their marketing dollars.