Wanna know how to get fired in one e-z click? Read on my Facebook Friends…

By Jacquie Benini

I am sure you all know someone that has posted “TMI” on Facebook!  If so, please feel free to share this insightful information with them!

In this age of social interaction via media outlets, there are some critical rules that must be followed.  I BEG of you to read on! Trust me, you will thank me later!!!

1)   Do not start a Facebook fight with someone! Either email them privately or have the conversation one on one, trust me, NO ONE else cares that you called Joey to see if he wanted to meet you at the club Saturday when your friend Chrissy already staked her claim on him, yet is not dating him!!

2)   Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL YOU DUMP SOMEONE VIA FACEBOOK…Seriously, if your old enough to use Facebook to stalk your ex’s you are old enough to know it is really not the right way to handle one’s personal business, refer to Rule #1 if you still are confused!

3)   If you are out with friends OR Co-workers and you post pictures of everyone

having a fun time, that is one thing, but to post rude, crude, vulgar or just plain distasteful pictures like the girl who gets sloppy drunk at a party and thinks posting  those photos on her FB page for all to see is a great idea…UNNECESSARY………DON’T DO IT!

4)   Be mindful of who your 1,452 friends are when you posts things…word travels fast especially on FACEBOOK!!  If you don’t want your friend to know they are not invited to your birthday party, don’t post an EVENT everyone can see!

5)   When “Checking-In” somewhere remember your friends can see it and if you don’t want your Mom to know that you really aren’t too sick to make it to family dinner, DON’T check in at that hot new wine bar downtown!

6)   If you have “friended” co-workers and/or your boss, don’t make the mistake of saying you are not coming into work and forget to let your employer know! ……HELLO, do the words spoken so eloquently by the one and only Donald Trump “YOUR FIRED” mean ANYTHING to you?????

If this has taught you nothing, then I beg you to re-read this ! If you have learned one thing from this I hope that it is to think before you type….