Where Will Happiness Strike Next…?

by Jonathan Marshall

In honor of the seemingly-circular debate I had earlier this morning with Jess, today the JTCG Blog features the latest viral video from Coca-Cola…. or as I like to call it — the poor-man’s Pepsi. In a San Diego Web Design agency full of advertising, branding and marketing professionals, the Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola debate seems to be split right down the middle.

Both brands have been around for decades, they have been extremely successful international companies, and they have revolutionized and contributed to much of the work we see in creative advertising today.

Regardless of what brand you prefer, ultimately it comes down to taste… and if you long for the taste of syrup with a little water in it – clearly you will choose Coca-Cola. To me, nothing sounds better than Pepsi and pizza.

Nevertheless, Coca-Cola did a great job of getting people VERY interested in their vending machine… furthermore, the enormous sandwich is awesome!! I think I’m ready for lunch now…