Who would eat a green bagel?

By Robert Blodgett
Yuck.  Isn’t there just something inherently wrong with noshing on grub that looks as though it’s on its final leg on this earth. Not if you’re a Jets fan. One bagel maker in New York thought it funny to create a bagel that reflected his love (certainly not my love) for his team.  And guess what, the reaction across the country has been “Bravo bagel maker.” His quick thinking on drawing attention to a business that normally isn’t associated with American football has created a public relations home run…er…touchdown!  Proof that being creative…and a bit courageous (like Rex Ryan, the boisterous coach of the Jets) can lead to some great exposure.  The lesson here for any business is to keep an eye for opportunity to help spread some attention about your biz.  Go green!
green bagel