World's Biggest Signpost

by Jonathan Marshall

When people think about navigation, they don’t think about Nokia. So Nokia called for an idea that would not only drive interest into their navigation products, but more importantly, inspire people to start using their services – both on their phones and on the web. But most people see mobile navigation as something that gets you from A to B, and it’s not very fun or engaging.

So how does a company turn those opinions around and make navigation into something social – a channel where you could share your favorite places. Your Good things. Farfar, a Swedish advertising agency, found a solution based on the simplest thing around…

IDEA: The World’s Biggest Signpost

The interactive structure weighed over 60-tons, stood over 50 meters tall with an arrow the size of two double-deckers. During the two weeks when the sign-post was live, 1000s of locations were displayed and added by the public – either through the web or text messages. Through four webcams placed around the site, the information was streamed live to And on the internet, the installation was shared through countless social media communities, blogs and news feeds.

Interactive campaigns like this are redefining brands. As well, this is the direction of new media and mobile marketing. The ability to micro target a single user and market directly to each individual based on their needs is in it’s infancy and will only get better and more widely used by major brands. Our creative agency looks forward to being a big part of this revolutionary new marketing medium.