Politics Uncensored: ‘Volkalize’ Strives to Bridge the Gap

by Josh Kinney via InfinityNewsNewwork.com

Washington, March 18, 2013 – The idea of taking raw political discussion, unfiltered by the mainstream media and spreading it across the social networks would surely change public discourse. That’s exactly what Jordan Bosstick is seeking to do with her new up-and-coming website: Volkalize.

The political, social networking site integrates politics with popular culture by placing political discussions on the web and integrating them with other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

“You can create discussion topics under overarching categories like Energy, Social Issues, the Environment and then people provide the facts and opinions,” Bosstick told #INN at the 2013 CPAC conference in Washington on Friday. “They create the topics themselves and then they can debate with each other and post the entire discussion on any other social networking site so that people can read through the discussion and engage if they want, or they can just read it to figure out more about the issue.”

Bosstick, a San Diego native and recent graduate of Arizona State University, and a team of San Diego based developers from the full service brand communications agency, Jacob Tyler, have been working on Volkalize for almost two years.

Having kept up with the news and attended various political conferences, Bosstick became well aware of the frustration people had with the mainstream media and how they weren’t really covering the things that people truly cared about.

“The messages from conservatives and the left are distorted and the people are frustrated because they’re not actually saying what we really feel,” said Bosstick. “I thought, why are we filtering our message through the mainstream media, why don’t we just say what we want to say, and debate each other, because what really matters is the people.”

It was these thoughts that led to the idea of Volkalize, Volk, which means people in German. The site seeks to put the people themselves back in politics, creating a new, trendy and easy to use platform for user-driven, people-driven discussions. All topics and discussions on Volkalize will be generated by the members themselves so users can be sure that they are unaffiliated with any mainstream media outlets. The hope is that users and readers of the discussions will get a perspective they wouldn’t have heard otherwise, especially through the corporate, political and ideological filter of the mainstream media.

This year, Volkalize helped sponsor the CPAC blog bash, the largest gathering of right-0f-center bloggers and online opinion leaders. However, the site is expected to grow through social media. It was through Instagram that Bosstick reached out to #INN and how we found out about Volkalize.

The soft-launch of website has already begun, with full access to the site being made available by April. For now, users can register to join the discussions and follow the site on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Seizing upon the Internet generation, Volkalize could be the alternative source of amplifying the voices of Americans, especially the younger generation, as opposed to television and the mainstream media. The site hopes to give the younger generation of Americans a better understanding of politics and what’s really going on in the news.


About Jacob Tyler:
Jacob Tyler is a full-service brand communications agency that creates brands with meaningful and significant value. It does so through its expertise in brand strategy, identity and implementation, which includes web design and development, product design, printed collateral, online marketing, social media, and reputation management. It has been honored by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest growing companies in 2010, was named by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the city’s fastest growing companies, five years in row, and has been the recipient of more than fifty national design and marketing awards. Clients served include Nuvasive Inc, Chicago’s Hotel 71, Four Seasons Hotels, Terranea Resort, AT&T, Rhino Vehicle Protection, Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing and Upper Deck.

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