Social Supersedes All Industries…Even Utilities


By Nicole Fletcher

Social Media supersedes all industries…and if you don’t believe me, just ask EUCI, who happens to be holding a two day conference called “Social Media for Utilities: Strategy Development and Legal Issues”  in Denver on July 25th.

They say, “Using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media can help utilities build interactive relationships with customers through engagement and responsiveness.” The goal in today’s world is to make everything as easy and accessible as possible. That means making it easy to inform people in real time about power outages, road blogs & weather warnings for example, in addition to educating the public on topics like water and electricity conservation, money saving, the list goes on.

I’ll be the first to say that I know little to nothing about the profit margins of big wig energy companies, but certainly, at least in the home electric vicinity, they really have no competition. They’re the electric company and you, as a renter/homeowner, are pretty much stuck with them. That said, they’re still trying to make the customer experience better for you…and I think that’s great. Now, of course, large companies such as these have countless revenue streams, which will certainly adopt social marketing tactics if they haven’t already. The most obvious of which is the careers sector, but beyond that, imagine the possibilities. From video training portals for employees, which would decrease face to face training time and subsequently, money spent, to the potential exposure of the ‘issues’ to the public, the success could surely be great.

Anywho, thought I’d share some more proof that social media is not a fad and I hope you continue to enjoy the revolution that is social media marketing.