A business card is a like a baked potato.

A business card is a like a baked potato, which in general is pretty boring. But just as the potato acts as a necessary vessel for far more delicious things, like bacon, butter and sour cream, your business card acts as a vessel for all of your pertinent information. A potato, without the fixin’s, is just another spud. Like a boring business card, you’re more likely to throw it away rather than showing it off to all your friends. A baked potato on the other hand, is completely different.
Therefore, having a business card, or potato, that is sleek, classy and most of all representative of your brand is an important part of creating a respected reputation for your company. And although we can’t recommend you attend your next networking event armed with buttered up, chive-filled taters, designing a business card that’s just as memorable and twice as interesting as that potato, can take you very far indeed.

Creating a recognizable and trustworthy brand that represents you is as important as scrounging up the gumption to actually network at those awkward corporate mixers. This is where the hook comes in. As we can see from Murmure’s excellent example, having a business card that is memorable, fun, quirky and well thought out, can set you up for success even after you’ve stopped talking.
Screen shot 2012-05-11 at 3.17.37 PMphoto
We can only assume that Murmure’s choice of concrete, as a medium was more than just a lucky chance. Concrete speaks of strength, independence and longevity. It provides positive, subconscious messages in regard to the strength of your company. By creating a card out of concrete, Murmure not only displays their creativity for thinking outside of the proverbial box, but also has implemented a novel creation; one that the recipient will undeniably be prone to sharing with others. Thus, spreading Murmure’s message.
Jacob Tyler on the other hand, does not have concrete cards. But that doesn’t mean our cards don’t speak volumes. To start, they’re plastic. Which I suppose could allude to our flexibility, rounded edges to symbolize how we avoid the proverbial ‘box’ and a color perfect for unlocking conversation. They’re red, they’re bold, and so are we. Our business cards have opened doors, in both the literal and figurative sense, and given potential clients an idea of who we are, even before having the pleasure of knowing us. Our cards break the ice, spark conversation and support the brand of our company. We make our business card work for us to solidify our reputation.
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So while you’re out pounding the pavement, arm yourself with the tools necessary to make your brand story the strongest. Remember the potato. Because while you may not be able to convey every last detail about the awesomeness that is your company, the ability to hand over a professional, impressive business card will always back-up your brand better than a name and number scribbled on a crumpled paper napkin. And if you’re interested in our next phase of innovative business card, get ready for one of two options: scratch n’ sniff or scratch off lotto. The concrete inspired us.