AIGA Leadership Retreat: 2014 Mandate

By Les Kollegian

San Diego AIGA Board Members and Conference
San Diego AIGA Board Members and Conference Vote

Currently, I serve on the AIGA Board of Directors in San Diego as the Communications Chair. Technically, what that means is that I am responsible for the creative execution of all print materials for the San Diego chapter to increase and retain membership. For example, Jacob Tyler is responsible for member brochures, e-blast headers, member relocation kits, event marketing, and more. Click to view some of our AIGA graphic design san diego chapter materials.

Last Sunday, I returned from Portland completely inspired. Among the 60,000 (give or take) member base, 300 board members met to discuss the future of AIGA and set the trend for future designers and vote on the mandates for the 25th year anniversary. I have to say, as a Creative Director, running a business, I now don’t get to design as much as I would like to. I am too busy setting strategy and having others, like my great Art Director Gordon, executing my vision and managing employees. Leaving the retreat, I really want to take it upon myself to design more and do what I love to do… and I thank all the chapter members there for enabling me (and other chapters) to view their work and INSPIRE.

On another note, as a member of AIGA for over 15 years, I always felt as we (as a group) we’re the innovators setting the trends of ALL design moving forward. While this has always been the case for print, I feel we are lagging on the internet side of design. While I am sure some of the best internet designers are members of AIGA and creating award winning projects, I feel as if they may not be stepping up to National and helping to set the goals and trends for the future of Web. One space I have realized that seems to be slow to fully adopt is the social media component to create networks of designers, student mentors, and frankly a group to discuss design in ONE place. If social media was handled innovatively and most important, appropriately on the national Web site, I truly believe we could create more brand recognition for AIGA and increase membership on a national level.

The San Diego chapter I know has some lofty goals for their new Web site that ironically we will all be meeting about tonight. In the meantime, I want to thank all of the AIGA members for a GREAT time and I really look forward to seeing everyone again next year.