Facebook is to social media as the Yankees are to baseball…

by Jonathan Marshall

Just to make things clear, I’m definitely not a Yankee fan. Facebook seems to be teaming up with all the big names these days.  They have the Yankee mentality- only the biggest and the best, except Facebook is actually consistently getting better… Alright, alright, enough bashing.

I read an article the other day that I found in google search marketing San Diego that talked about the recent integrations for the social media juggernaut.  This list includes integration with social bookmarking site Digg, Xbox and Nintendo DSi.  All three are impressive individually, let alone the combined package, but it doesn’t stop there.

YouTube announced last week that it has joined Facebook Connect.  The integration between the two sites is more than just the typical FB connect partnership, which allows FB members to link their profiles to leave comments on participating sites. According to FB program manager Josh Elman, when logged into Facebook and YouTube simultaneously, users can now automatically publish and share the videos they upload to YouTube directly to Facebook.  They already had a music/youtube tab option available in Facebook, so I guess this integration is just one less step.

Although YouTube is probably the most popular video site, it isn’t the first to integrate with Facebook. According to AllFacebook, a company called Joost has been in a partnership with Facebook Connect since December, and has seen serious growth.

According to Facebook, Joost has also implemented Facebook Connect and since implementing it in December, the average Facebook user has watched 30 percent more videos and has entered 15 percent more comments. The message is clear: implementing Facebook Connect on your site, tends to increase engagement across the board. Every site that has integrated with Connect has reported that overall activity has increased since launch.

The potential for customer service and quality consumer feedback that exists in this one-stop-shop called Facebook is just silly.  Digital marketing agency in San Diego HAVE to figure out how their target market interacts on Facebook, and apply those observations into their marketing strategies.