Twas the Night before Comic Con…


By Jacquie Benini

‘Twas the night before Comic Con & all through San Diego, the streets were filled with creatures, villains and superheroes huddled together waiting for the doors to open……
If you have never attended Comic-Con you are in for a real treat!! So many men in their leotards and capes, with their masks, light-sabers, green lanterns, force field wands and all that magical crap that transcends the world into a mythical place where unicorns are used to battle evil villains and superheroes save the world time and time again!! And everyone wondered why I go to Comic Con!

There is so much to see and do while you are here from vendors booths with comic books, collectible items and just some weird stuff that even I won’t even pretend to understand!

What I especially enjoy are all of the panels where they discuss some of your favorite tv shows, movies, video games, comics, etc. Seeing or meeting your favorite celebrities who not only come out to partake in the events, but to check it out for themselves, just like us regular folk is really cool….although I am certain they did not have to deal with the poorly designed ticket purchasing site like I did! hey Comic Con, I know an awesome agency that can make that site work for you next year!! 😉

People watching is a favorite past time of mine and WOW, I am never disappointed at Comic Con! This really is a must see event and you must be sure to secure tickets in advance for this spectacle….I promise you will be just as mesmerized as I am!!

May the force be with you…time for me to go inside!!